Monday, March 10, 2014

New transfers!

Here is the latest from our Ryan:

We had transfers this past week! We lost Elder Maligon and Sister Wengert. We have recieved Elder Parham (who is from Arizona and 22 months out!) and Sister Leisse (who is from Germany and fresh out of the MTC.) It feels great not being the new kid.
This has been a very difficult week for us. We have lost all of our investigators and have been doing nothing but street contacting. It's hard, but I have come to realize something. When things get hard, something good is about to come. When you have a doubt, that's the devil, and he's try to get you to second guess yourself because you are about to go and do something great. I plan on using that to my advantage in this upcoming week. We have been denied hundreds of times so that we will be in the path of that one person who will say yes. I know that! It will happen this week, and I am ready for it! 
Today I was reading in 1 Nephi1:1. As I read that verse, I noticed the footnote by the word "afflictions."  I looked down, and the footnote read," Blessing; Gifts of God." I love that! As much as we hate trials, they are blessings. They help us in more ways than we can imagine. Maybe I was supposed to learn something this week that would make me a stronger and wiser missionary. Maybe that person I will find needed a stronger and wiser me. Never look at a trial as a curse, look at it as a blessing that you will come out of stronger and wiser. Elder Hess shared with me that President Eyring PRAYS FOR TRIALS! That sounds crazy, but it is his goal to come closer to Christ and what better way, than through trials? Crazy, but brilliant. 
I hope that everyone has a great week!  I love all of you!

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