Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The latest from Ryan


I had a really great experience this past week that I wanted to share
with all of you. I was in Derby this week on exchange with one of the
Elders. And for those that aren't aware, Derby was my first area.  And
while I was there we met up with a recent convert that I taught named
Sam. He is preparing for a mission and will be putting his papers in
in 2 weeks!  We met with him in a park and talked about his mission,
about his fears, his expectations and we answered questions that he
had. While talking with him, sharing experiences, and bearing
testimony, I was filled with so much gratitude.  It opened my eyes to
a lot of the blessings that the Lord has given me. It gave me an even
bigger appreciation for serving. I am filled with so much joy in being
able to see Sam prepare for a mission. If teaching him and seeing him
go on a mission were the only things I saw happen on my mission then I
would have gone home happy.  But the Lord has blessed me with so much
more. I have seen so much. I have felt so much Joy. I will never
forget this experience. I love my mission. I love my Saviour. I know
that He lives. I know that He suffered and died for all of us. I know
that Joseph Smith was the prophet that he called to restore His church
to the earth.  I know that He has a living prophet on the earth today.
And I challenge everyone to find that out for themselves. Do all that
you can to figure that out. It makes everything you go through worth

Love you all!  And hope that you have a great week!


This week was an adventurous one.  I will tell you about it a day at a time.
Tuesday:  It started with us teaching a new investigator named
Michael.  The lesson went extremely well.  We left the lesson smiling
from ear to ear.  After that we wanted to celebrate by getting a few
snacks at a place called I.C. Discounts.  In order to get to the store
we had to cut through a really ghetto part of town called St. Anns.
While walking through we hear some yelling up ahead.  A guy and this
girl come raging around a corner.  She is yelling at him to stop but
he going crazy.  Elder Meier and I moved to the right side of the path
so that he could pass on the left.  And right before we passed each
other, i made eye contact with him.  That was a mistake because he
charged at me and tried to push me.  He is smaller than me though so
when he came at me I just put my arms out and stopped him.  He then
kept yelling, "Get out of my way!"   His eyes were super crazy and he
was definitely on drugs but eventually he stormed past us, and started
to push another guy.  That guy wasn't going to take it though and he
started to throw punches.  So we continued on...  We went to the
store, got our snacks, and then started back for a Chinese place to
get food for the rest of our lunch break.  On the way....a Bird pooped
on my head.  But it didn't just stop on my head.  It went all over my
shirt, a little got on my trousers, and somehow some landed on my
backpack.  It was so disgusting.... So we had to go back to the flat
so that I could shower and change.  Anyway, the night ended with our
Bishop taking us out to a really nice restaurant and spending 200
pounds....it was sooooo good!

On Friday we had Mission Leadership Counsel.  President and Sister
Leppard are so great.  They are so in tune with the Spirit and they
came up with a lot of great ideas to try.  After MLC we gave someone a
Baptismal interview and then went straight to a ward activity.  It was
a Wild West Night.  They had a mechanical bull!  So of course I got
permission and rode it.  haha  I also joined in on the pie eating
contest and won like a true American.  ha Our investigator Michael
showed up and we were able to give him a tour of the Church.  He
really liked it and the activity.  So yeah that was great.

On Sunday we went to the bus stop to meet Michael for Church but he
barely missed the bus by 30 seconds!  Elder Meier and I were so torn.
But he ran to the next stop!  And missed that one as well.... It was
sad but then he sprinted over a mile to another stop and made it! It
was insane!  He is so dedicated and awesome. It was a miracle.

That all I really have for you this week but it was great.  Love you all!

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