Sunday, October 4, 2015


I have had such an amazing week!

On Monday I was called to whitewash train for my last two transfers.
I was kind of freaking out at first but now that it has sunk in I am
super excited.

There was a self reliance class on Tuesday for all of the missionaries
that will be going home in the next 6 months.  So I drove down to
Birmingham with 3 other Elders in my zone to attend.  It was very
interesting.  We took a test that will determine our interests and
tell us what field we would be best in.  We should get the results
back soon.  I am super excited to see what it says.

On Thursday I had to go back to Birmingham for the Trainers meeting.
I am the only Elder training this transfer.  Crazy stuff. After the
meeting I was pulled to the side by one of the Assistants, Elder
Swinemar, and he told me that I will be whitewashing Aberystwyth
again!  wohoooooo!  I am so excited to be going back!  Not only that
but I was told that my trainee is from Italy!  He will be my first and
only European companion.  It will be really fun.

We traveled a lot on Friday.  In the morning we drove to Derby so that
I could give training in their District Meeting.  After that we drove
back to Nottingham, ate lunch, and as we were getting ready to leave
we got a call saying that we needed to go into Birmingham to pick up a
knee brace for a missionary in our zone.  When we got there we were
able to meet President Leppard's son who just got off his mission the
day before.  He served his mission in Greece.  Cool right?  But after
having a nice chat with all of them, we jumped back in the car, and
drove to Derby to drop off the knee brace.  We Made it back in time
for us to set up the ward movie night. We watched 17 Miracles with
members and investigators.  It was great! I really love that movie.

So this is where the week gets really good.  We have been teaching
Michal for the past 3 weeks and he is soaking up the Gospel.  On
Thursday he seemed really upset but didn't want to talk about it.  He
said that it was something that he would have to deal with.  We were
really worried because we didn't like the thought of him being so
upset but we felt like we needed to move on so we continued to teach
him about fasting.  Anyway, On Friday he was supposed to come to the
Movie night but never showed up...  Again, we were really worried
because we had no way of contacting him.  His Baptismal Interview was
scheduled for Saturday evening so we were freaking out because we were
going talk to him about it on Friday and arrange it with him.  But
again we decided to keep the Interview scheduled and to pray that he
would show up.  And on Saturday evening he showed up!  It was
fantastic!  And he passed his interview!

The cool thing is that the miracles don't stop there.  He was
scheduled to be Baptized at 9am Sunday morning.  And he told us that
he would meet us at the Church at 8:30.  But there was a problem. The
Robin Hood Marathon was going on in the morning and nearly all of the
buses were behind schedule or running different routes.  So 8:30
rolled around and he was no where to be found.  We thought that he
missed his bus so we got together with some of the members and said a
prayer that he would make it.  At 9:10 we see a car pull up and Michal
jumped out of it!  He was Baptized yesterday and it went so well!

It wasn't until after church though that he was able to tell us
everything that happened.  He was on a tram headed for city centre so
that he could jump on the bus.  But his tram got delayed.  He saw that
the tram wasn't going anywhere so he got out and ran nearly a mile to
the bus stop.  Michal waited there for 20 minutes but no bus came.  He
started to freakout so he just started to run for the church which is
4 miles away.   As he was running he was praying that he would be able
to stop someone and catch a ride but felt that wouldn't work so kept
running.  He was about half way there when a complete stranger pulled
over and offered to give hime a ride!  It was a miracle!  The stranger
saw him running in a suit at a dead sprint and wanted to help!!
MIIRACLE!!!  Even though everything was working against Michal getting
Baptized yesterday he still made it.    I have no doubt that the
Church is True.  How can it not be after something like that? 

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